Why choose LED landscape lighting? There are many reasons. First, LEDs are the green option. The environmentally friendly fixtures consume less energy which means lower energy bills, and they have no bulbs to replace and last much longer than halogen fixtures which means less waste.

The benefits of LED Landscape Lighting:

  • Pure, beautiful, consistent white light enhances your landscape’s natural colors.
  • Uses 75% less energy than halogen for long-term cost savings.
  • No light bulbs to buy or replace.
  • Environmentally friendly design means less energy waste and no bulbs to throw away.
  • Fixtures tested to withstand the elements for years of enjoyment.
  • Full 15 year warranty on every fixture
  • Extensive collection of fixtures for every application.

Seeing Is Believing

Kichler Design Pro LED performs and the proof is in the pictures! In a side-by-side comparison of a standard halogen MR-16, a Kichler Design Pro LED and a competitor’s LED product, the quality of the Design Pro light is comparable to standard bulbs and the light spread is noticeably more defined. View this page to see the actual light comparisons.

MR-16 (Standard Halogen Fixtures)

Note the irregular shape of the light in the MR-16 and the dark spot in the center of the beam. There are also a number of fractures and flaws in the light pool, including a lower portion that’s brighter than the upper. Although the lighting is dense, the nature of the technology makes it somewhat inconsistent.

Kichler Design Pro LED

With Kichler Design Pro LED, these drawbacks are eliminated. The pool of light is a nearly perfect circle that gives you exacting results and precise illumination. It’s a consistent distribution of clear, warm and inviting light. And, with multiple beam spreads and wattages, you get maximum lumens customized to your needs.


With the competitive LED, there’s a distinctive blue-hue, giving the lighted surface little warmth. Despite drawing more power, the lumen output is decidedly lower. Plus, with limited beam-spread options the light has a less natural, more conical appearance.

Why choose LED landscape lighting? Why not! The benefits of LED are many with none of the drawbacks of halogen landscape lighting. Plus, all these benefits are available at a price similar to inferior lighting systems.

Call us and we’ll work closely with you to design a LED landscape lighting plan that suits your needs and budget. References are always available and we’ll be happy to provide addresses of completed lighting projects. We’ve installed brick pavers in Frankfort, Orland Park, Willowbrook, Palos, Homer, Mokena and beyond.

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Why choose LED landscape lighting?