New Blog Series: Outdoor Living Trends 2018

Outdoor Living Trends 2018

New year, new outdoor trends…a landscape blog series introduction

By Shelley Mehon, Elemental Landscapes | February 7th, 2018

It might just be me, but I often catch myself wondering…How is it that we are already this far into the new year?!

 It seems like yesterday the twinkle of holiday lights filled our neighborhood scape and the center of conversation revolved around new goals and resolutions.  

This feeling for some means an imaginary attempt to pump the brakes on what seems like another year flying by way too fast, but for others, especially those dreaming of sun-kissed skin and deep belly breaths of cool, crisp air, couldn’t be more excited as the countdown to spring inches closer.

“Self-admittedly, I am the one ready for spring.”

In the world of landscape design, the cold, dreary and dark winter days usually give way for a time of reflection and rejuvenation, but most importantly a time for continuing education.  

Recently I had the pleasure of attending iLandscape: The Illinois + Wisconsin Landscape Show in Schaumburg, IL.  This 3 day convention was jam packed with countless vendor booths, live demonstrations, music and entertainment, but for me, the most beneficial feature included the numerous educational sessions for the landscape professional.  

One presentation that especially caught my eye, Outdoor Living Trends by Joe Rabione, couldn’t have been more fitting to expound my research and aid in the introduction of our exciting new blog series, Outdoor Living Trends 2018.

Each post within the series will focus on mainstream landscape trends seen throughout the current market and feature completed (or in progress) projects designed and constructed by our extremely talented crew members right here at Elemental Landscapes in Mokena, IL!

Outdoor Living Trends 2018 - The Cabana
Outdoor Living Trends 2018 - The Cabana