Our Landscape Design Process: Attention to Detail

Starting with a professionally designed plan is vital to creating a great landscape. A quality design will:

  • Protect your investment by using a variety of plant materials that are hardy to our area
  • Harness a range of plants to create year-round interest, even in winter
  • Accentuate the architecture of your home




Step 1. Consultation, Site Analysis & Photography
Initial viewing of property. We’ll consult with you regarding your concerns, areas of focus and budget. The property is photographed and measurements are taken.

Step 2. Research & Development
Using a survey or measurements your home and lot are inputted into our CAD (computer aided design) landscape design program. Design ideas are researched and a plan is developed based on your specifications. A preliminary presentation may take place at this time to further explore design ideas.

Step 3. Master Plan/Landscape Plan Design
A detailed plan is developed covering specific plant materials (cultivar, quantity, size, location) and all hardscapes that are existing or to be built are added to the plan including material, dimensions, and location.

Step 4. Presentation of Design and Quote
The detailed CAD drawing of the proposed project is presented and explained. The presentation will include photographs and descriptions of all plant material and other proposed materials. We’ll bring our portfolio with us so you can see real-life examples of the design ideas. The quote and possible revisions are discussed and if you accept the proposal a small deposit is taken and the work is scheduled.

Step 5. Design Revisions During Installation
Want to change something during the installation process? No problem. Since your designer is on-site everyday, design improvements are easy and encouraged. Your designer is also the job foreman and will be receptive to your changes as the project progresses.

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