How Much Does LED Landscape Lighting Cost?

As with anything, there is range of costs. What we want to do here is give a general breakdown of the total cost for a fully installed LED landscape lighting system. So how much does LED landscape lighting cost? Well, here are the factors that may determine the cost:

  • Number of fixtures
  • Type of fixture
  • Where is it being installed?
  • Quality of fixture
  • LED wattage
  • Transformer
  • The wire and connectors

These are not every factor but are some of the main ones. Let’s start with number of fixtures as this is obvious: the more fixtures the greater the cost but with volume come discounts. Usually a system package will start at about 7 fixtures. Once you get over 12 we start discounting the per fixture price.

The type of fixture is also a factor. We price most spotlights at around $300 per fixture installed, path lights at around the same, hardscape lights at about $175 installed and peak lights up on the eave at $350. That’s where installation location comes into play. A light up on the peak is going to cost more because of the difficulty in installing it and the extra wire required.

Quality of fixture is a big one. We use only Kichler LED landscape light fixtures because of their great warranty. The fixtures are full potted LEDs, not LED retrofit bulbs like some other manufacturers. The LED fixtures are warrantied for a full 15 years; if a light goes out it’s replaced for free!

Wattage is also a factor when asking how much does LED landscape lighting cost. The higher the wattage the more extensive the fixture because more diodes are needed. Check out some fixture pricing for Kichler LEDs on

The quality of the transformer is also a factor when it comes to cost. A transformer with stainless steel cabinet is standard for us and I usually start with a 300 watt transformer and size up as needed. Likewise, the size of cable changes price. We only use 12 gauge and larger as this is what is required in order for the breaker inside the transformer to work. If the cable is too small the wire short out and could potentially start a fire, whereas is the proper size is used any fault in the circuit will trip the breaker inside the transformer. Don’t go with a cheap transformer as it’s a safety concern! Make sure your installer is using direct burial connectors with electro-gel to prevent corrosion.

So here’s the cost of a typical system with complete installation if we were installing it:

Install 7, LED spotlights for specified trees and to accent stone on house, install 2 peak lights, install 3 path lights along walkway and install 5 hardscape lights on seatwall. Includes complete install with 300 watt stainless steel transformer and 12 guage wire with direct burial connectors.

7 spots at $300 each= $2,100

2 peak lights at $350 each= $700

3 path lights at $300 each= $600

5 hardscape lights at $150 each (volume discount)= $750

300 watt stainless steel transformer with digital timer= $300

Complete installation and warranty is included.  Grand Total= $4,450

Again, there are a lot of factors involved but this should give you a pretty good idea of what high quality LED landscape lighting will cost, installed, in this geographic area. Hope this helps!

LED landscape lighting

Above is a LED landscape lighting project Elemental Landscapes installed in Frankfort, IL.




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